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Rancid Aniseed is an independent music production studio based in South Manchester, founded by Josh Alport.


We create exhilarating compositions for multiple media formats including films, games and advertising.


It can get boring hearing the same stock music that lacks any soul or creativity in content. A high quality, purpose made soundtrack creates context, narrative, audio-visual stimulus and a curatable connection with the audience. 

Understanding the importance of Audio Branding is crucial in allowing content to have an affective impact on the desired audience. That's why we maintain a close client relationship throughout the development process.

Previous work includes TV and radio themes for an advertising campaign for Biscuitville restaurant chain in North Carolina, and online advertisement themes for BrilliantPeople digital recruitment company. Our work has been showcased by National Geographic on their short film series, and has gained a Vimeo staff pick as well as over 250,000 views online collectively.

Don't hesitate to get in contact to discuss any audio queries.

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